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How To Make A Big Impression In Events Management

With all the bad news in the economy, with markets contracting jobs and being shed, one industry sector is defying the trend: hospitality and leisure. People and businesses are more mobile, venues grow ever more colossal and are increasingly multi-use, while events promotion grows ever more ambitious.

one profession in particular is benefitting from the force of this expansion: events management. Like marketing and project management before it, events management has become a core functional tool in the modern business landscape and events managers are placed in charge of larger budgets and a widening range of responsibilities.

Online Education

Those who are relatively new to the profession might find the size and scale of the role to be daunting. They may hanker after a way to get an overall perspective of the industry and a chance to examine in-depth what the job is about.

The good news is that internationally accredited events management courses are available where recent entrants to the profession can access the guidance and understanding they seek, gaining a recognized qualification which will help them rocket up the ladder of this cutting-edge sector. Edexcel, a global leader in the provision of management and business education, has designed both a Level 3 Certificate and a Level 5 Diploma (for those whose career in events is a little further advanced). The Certificate translates to half a Diploma and can be converted at any time the student wishes.

Students on the courses can expect to analyse the entire hospitality and leisure sector and focus on how it is developing. Learners examine strategic, financial and operational concerns impacting on the event manager’s role, and also look at techniques for managing workers in the service sector.Study Online

Students will also get a handle on the overarching theories and methodologies of the discipline of project management, as well as the compilation and analysis of cost information, and the planning of budgets. Perfect for those who need to firm up what they have learnt on the job so far, the courses in events management are also suitable for owner managers and consultants who wish to strengthen their existing knowledge and get up-to-speed with industry best practice. Students increasingly choose to study management courses online, affording them the flexibility to study when and where they are able to do so, and at a pace that fits in with their other commitments. Online learning environments such as Moodle ensure course materials are delivered instantaneously, with tutors always on hand electronically to offer guidance and advice with coursework.

Within this huge and important sector, the decisions you make will be soon be big ones. Prepare yourself properly – get qualified.

Distance Learning Has Come Of Age With The Internet – The Advantages

When you are starting out in your career, business can seem like trying to learn a whole new language. Much of the terminology you encounter in meetings you probably only half-understand.


For the ambitious – and if you are working in business and are not ambitious then consider changing jobs – it is crucial to fully comprehend the world you are in. If you’re aiming to scale the higher levels of management, it would be prudent to look into good quality business management courses - professional qualifications that offer a broad overview of business and management practice.

Probably the most highly-regarded course for this type of training are HNDs. The HND, which started back in 1925, has long been recognized by companies as the leading qualification for technical and first-line management professions. Offering full international accreditation, HNDs benefit from an attractive versatility in being able to be converted into honours degrees with only one further year of study.

An HND in Business and Management provides learners with the opportunity to look at all aspects of the business world. Students are able to analyse the environment that governs business operations, the cultures within the organisations and the legal framework outside. They will look at the principles that underpin marketing as well as its best practice, and look at how finance and information gathering informs decision-making. Online Management Courses

The course also allows students to marshal the business analysis skills they acquire in order to develop strategic thinking in service of organisational need.
Finally, a research project of the students choice will enable them to apply the methods they have learned.

Increasingly these days, many such courses are studied via distance learning. Modern distance learning is a far cry from the classic version involving brown manila envelopes and postboxes. The internet has made instantaneous information exchange possible. Online learning environments like as Moodle mean students can now access a wide variety of study materials such as PowerPoint and video whilst maintaining real-time contact with tutors in order to get the support and guidance they need.

For rising stars within the business world, an online business management HND is the best investment they will probably ever make.